Superfood Eateries

This year, Ryan and I were invited to join Kevin, Jocelyn, and Byron on their Second Annual Foodie Adventure: eating at six places in Toronto in six hours. Definitely a challenge fit for any determined foodie! We live-documented our food run on Instagram using the hashtag #SAFA2014TO on Sunday, November 9th.


04. Superfood Eateries
(268 Adelaide Street West)

Our next stop was lighter and healthier fare – much appreciated after a round of tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, and brunch. Superfood Eateries specializes in gourmet nutrient-packed juices, salads, desserts, and snacks. The owner is super welcoming and explained that this was more of a grab-and-go place, though there is a small cozy space for sitting (with outlets to plug in your laptop or charge your phone) if you choose to stay in. The menu items are house-made and locally sourced. That’s pretty impressive!


I had read a few reviews particularly raving about the smoothies here, so we decided on trying two of them out:

250 mL for $7 each



Baby Spice (not to be confused with the Spice Girl) is a “comforting chai smoothie” containing almond milk, banana, medjool date, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), cardamon, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Flu Shot is an “antioxidant berry smoothie” and contains almond milk, strawberry, blueberry, goji berry, camu camu berry, young Thai coconut meat, and medjool date. Both were so fresh and tasty! As an eager chai tea fan, I enjoyed the Baby Spice more.

Nice to see a place really dedicated to its nutrition mission! I thought this was pretty good break (lighter and healthier, but still so tasty!) on our Foodie Adventure from all of the heavy food sandwiching this stop. We told the owner about our Foodie Adventure mission and later left our empty bottles with him to recycle. Yay, environmental responsibility!

The Second Annual Foodie Adventure stops:

01. Seven Lives
02. The Grilled Cheese
03. Come and Get It
04. Superfood Eateries
05. Pamier Kabob
06. Bacon Nation

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