Pamier Kabob

This year, Ryan and I were invited to join Kevin, Jocelyn, and Byron on their Second Annual Foodie Adventure: eating at six places in Toronto in six hours. Definitely a challenge fit for any determined foodie! We live-documented our food run on Instagram using the hashtag #SAFA2014TO on Sunday, November 9th.


05. Pamier Kabob
(119 Spadina Avenue)

Stop #5 was a spacious restaurant featuring halal Afghan cuisine. I was immediately surprised by just how large and empty it was. It was also really warm and we sat close to the door with it open. The only other customers at the time of our arrival were picking up their take-out order.

Keeping in mind that we still had one more food stop to go, we decided to share one fairly large dish between the five of us. We hadn’t had lamb or rice yet, so we quickly decided on the following:

FISH & LAMB (with rice)



Despite there only being a few customers, our order took longer than we expected it to to arrive. We were pretty happy with it when it did, though! My first bite was of the deliciously-marinated lamb with the basmati rice, and I loved it. I tried the fish next, and somehow I loved it even more! The seasonings were really flavourful and worked so well in combination with the rest of the dish. The fish and lamb kabab combo is also served as a wrap for $10.49, but I’m so glad we decided getting it with rice which was more shareable but also just so tasty!

This dish also came with naan, which was nice and warm and much thicker than the only other naan I had ever encountered before in Indian cuisine. Delicious with the fish and lamb and on its own:



I enjoyed this place more than I was expecting to! Good value and portion for the price. I think on a regular day, this could be comfortably shared by two people – there’s so much food! It’s at a pretty good location in downtown Toronto, too. Other than the unusually long wait, I would definitely pop by here again for a filling and tasty meal.

The Second Annual Foodie Adventure stops:

01. Seven Lives
02. The Grilled Cheese
03. Come and Get It
04. Superfood Eateries
05. Pamier Kabob
06. Bacon Nation

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