Cho Sun Ok

On a chilly Saturday night, Kevin and I dropped by Cho Sun Ok (7353 Yonge Street) near Yonge and Clark in Thornhill. Cho Sun Ok is a large and fairly popular restaurant in the area offering home-cooked quality Korean comfort food. It’s apparently particularly well known for its cold noodle dishes (naengmyeon) during the summer.

We arrived fairly early for dinner time to beat a long wait that usually characterizes this place. Cho Sun Ok has a very modern and polished look to it, and the booths provide a semi-private space. As far as I could tell, all of the other customers at the time were Korean and there was more Korean being spoken than English.

This place was recommended to me for its kimchi jjim, and so Kevin and I immediately decided to order the kimchi jjim jeongol (basically a larger stew with more ingredients than a jjigae) for two. The banchan (side dishes), pictured above, came to us shortly after we ordered.

sliced pork loin, tofu, and whole cabbage kimchi in special sauce

This is #34 on their menu listed under ‘Hot Pot’. It was exactly what we needed with the onset of winter. I loved this dish! It’s a very generous amount for two people – we easily thought we could share one between three or four. A lot of pork, tofu, and lotttttts of kimchi. It was super tasty and had just the right amount of acidic spiciness. This also came with two bowls of rice and the side dishes pictured above.

We got our leftovers to go (including the jeongol, about a bowl full of the rice, and the remnants of our side dishes, which were refilled at one point) and the aged kimchi tasted even better! SO GOOD. Wish we had a little more broth leftover though.

I loved this place, and can’t wait to come back for more kimchi jjim. *_* It’s pricier here than your typical Korean fare, but the quality is definitely worth it. I have mixed feelings about the booths of the restaurant: while they offer a nice amount of privacy, it also made tracking down a server a little trickier. The servers were all really friendly, but it definitely got really busy as we were leaving which made just getting containers for our leftovers a little slow. We paid at the front and were greeted by a man who I assume is the owner. We told him our order and he asked us how we enjoyed our meal. He seemed genuinely interested in our opinion and was super friendly. He excitedly also offered us some soy candy afterwards, haha.

Cho Sun Ok on Urbanspoon

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