Yamato Japanese Restaurant

A couple of my friends organized a special holiday get-together at Yamato Japanese Restaurant (24 Bellair Street) in Yorkville. We had a Tuesday evening dinner reservation for seven people at a teppanyaki table 6:30pm. The area around the restaurant in Yorkville was festively decorated! :)

The restaurant is located downstairs and easily recognizable with its sign and large windows. It was still pretty quiet when I arrived. I immediately noticed how friendly the service staff was, and this actually remained consistent throughout the night. The room with all of the teppanyaki tables is massive, and so cleanly, sleekly designed.

I was given a hot towel for my hands and a glass of water. After we placed our teppanyaki orders, we each got miso soup and salad. Both were good, and I felt like they were larger than usually found in other places.

And then we experienced some teppan-tainment! Our chef was not a particularly talkative type, and confirmed with each of us who had ordered what. As always, I couldn`t believe how easy everything looked. The slicing was all so smooth! The infamous onion volcano was the highlight.

U.S. choice cut sirloin and dark meat chicken teriyaki

I got a teppanyaki combination dinner of steak (medium-rare) and chicken! The steak was about half the size of those of my friends`, who had gotten the ribeye meal, haha. We watched the chef melt garlic butter on it and I could feel myself drool. The chicken got the teriyaki treatment. Both were amaaaazing. I was really glad to have the different flavours as it kept things interesting for me. The vegetables were also nice, though I think I could have used more. My leftovers were taken to-go in a styrofoam container which they packed up and even provided chopsticks and a napkin for me.

We left just after 8pm and the restaurant was completely full. I don`t mind communal style set-ups, especially for the number of people that we had in our group, but it made communicating from opposite ends of the table a little difficult. Still, A nice restaurant for a special occasion in Yorkville! Of course, it wasn`t inexpensive, but my friends and I enjoyed the entertainment and the food. The service was also great, maintaining efficiency and friendliness throughout the course of our dining experience.

Yamato Japanese on Urbanspoon

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