Niagara Getaway 2015, Part 2

We rolled out of our hotel room close to 1pm. Such deep and satisfying slumber~ :)

Kevin looked up some highly rated breakfast diners for us on Yelp. We ventured towards them a bit off the tourist-beaten path, and wound up in the small-town area. Both of the diners ended up being closed, but right in the area was Double D Bar and Eatery, and we decided, why not?

We were the only customers in the pub, and our server, Michelle, was super friendly and accommodating. Kevin ordered eggs and bacon with home fries for $3.95 while I got the ham and cheese omelette with home fries for $5.95. Amaaaaazing prices and great comfort food! Basically our winnings covered our bill and we paid a nice tip on top of it.

Michelle waited until we were finished eating and then then shared stories about her horse up in Niagara-on-the-lake and her cat who had lived up to 27 years old. We loved her! Kevin and I then walked up to Clifton Hill, “the street of fun on Niagara”.

We stopped by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

…and then made our way to the Sky Wheel. We had $1 off each from a coupon that came with the map we received from our hotel.

We went through five rotations, cheering each time we got to ground level and weren’t made to stop and get out. On the back of our Sky Wheel ticket was a promotion for The Fudge Factory! *_* It was just a short walk away, as everything in Clifton Hill is. We sampled the Bailey’s Irish Cream and Marble Swirl and decided to split one slice of the Bailey’s for $6.49.

Next door was the Great Canadian Midway where we stopped by and fake-played some of the arcade games. I was particularly good at fake-shooting cans at a distance while Kevin was awesome at fake-shooting pretend-basketballs into a hoop. Haha, this is how we entertain ourselves on a budget.

Next, we went to Hershey’s World, which was a little farther away. It smelled so nice inside~ We wandered around and had samples of salted caramel fudge and mint chocolate fudge. They had some really decadent desserts available! We had already bought (much bigger and less expensive) fudge at the Fudge Factory though, so we didn’t get anything here.

We were starting to get tired and decided to head back to the hotel. We dropped by an LCBO on Ferry Street first, picking up a bottle of something called OPEN which was on sale and had a fairly high sugar and alcohol content.

After resting a bit, Kevin made a dinner reservation for ourselves at Angelo’s Trattoria. We had just picked up a coupon book in our hotel lobby that had a coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of two adult entrées. Angelo’s was already on our mental list of dinner possibilities given its high rating on Yelp, too. Anyway, it was already 7pm and we were informed they would be busy until 8:30pm, so we booked a reservation for that time. We just got drinks and hung out at our hotel’s bar until our reservation.

We walked to Angelo’s, which was a lot less busier than we were expecting considering what the server on the phone had told us. The place had a nice ambiance to it though.

First, bread came with chickpea hummus with sundried tomatoes. Enjoyed it! Next, we were originally eyeing the grilled octopus for our appetizer, but it was not an option for the coupon we had. Instead, we got the Grilled Prosciutto, which we both agreed was delicious! For my entrée, I ordered the Saffron Seafood Risotto. It was too salty for me! Otherwise, the rice was good and there was a lot of seafood content. Kevin ended up eating most of it. He had ordered the Chicken Parmesan, which was nice. He felt like it was a little plain and thus the risotto dish helped vary flavour for him. I actually liked his dish more than mine.

It was a lot of food and we got our leftovers to go. We dropped them off at our hotel room and made our way to Fallsview Casino for a little more Sic Bo entertainment. We lost all of the $5 (clearly we’re just a pair of high rollers), and I ended up somehow losing my scarf! Ahhh. :(


View of our hotel, Wyndham Garden


Back at the hotel room, we started packing up and showered. It was already so late! Our midnight snacks included leftover dinner, one and 1/4 bottles of wine, and some fudge while we (mostly Kevin) watched the Raptors game (they lost against Golden State) and How I Met Your Mother in the hot tub.

We went to sleep pretty late but still managed to lounge in the hot tub one last time before having to pack everything up and check out of our hotel room the next day at 11am. We walked around the city and into OK Souvenir Store, where we spent a lot of time looking at maps and dreaming up our next getaway destinations together. :D We also looked at the ice wine chocolates and I bought a small box of ice wine cream cookies for $6.90 (no tax). We had lunch at Cheetal Indian Buffet again and left Niagara on our 2:45 double-decker Megabus back to Toronto. It was rainy/snowy in Niagara and Toronto so the commute ended up taking about three hours! But we got back safely and had a great trip. :)


On the SkyWheel


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