La Bella Managua

After a great night at Comedy Bar (we saw Catch23, an awesome $10 improv night featuring four different groups), Kevin and I had a late-night dinner nearby at La Bella Managua (872 Bloor Street West), a small restaurant offering traditional Nicaraguan cuisine. I haven’t seen very many Latin American restaurants, so we were excited to check this place out!


The restaurant had a few other customers hanging out while finishing their meals. There’s definitely a cozy, homey vibe to the place. The feel definitely already fit the ‘home-cooked meals’ aspect of the restaurant. La Bella Managua closes at 11pm on Fridays, and a tired-looking waitress informed us the kitchen would be closing soon so we hurried to place our orders.

It was mostly Kevin who was still hungry, haha, so we glanced over the menu and found a fairly large dish to share:

grilled boneless beef steak served with gallo pinto (rice and beans), cabbage salad, avocado, fried plantain (sweetened or green)



Our order came our fairly quickly! Ordering carne asada is a pretty safe choice, and we were really happy with this dish. I only had a few bites and it’s very filling. There’s a choice of green or sweet plantains, and we chose the sweet which were nicely flavoured and surprisingly on the lighter side for plantains. I loved the mixed variety and flavours of this dish, and it’s also a generous portion for the price.

I’d definitely come back if in the area and try out their ceviche. Our initial server seemed reluctant to be there (understandably I guess, as it was late on a Friday night), but she was replaced by someone a little more enthusiastic and attentive after we placed our order. The food and price are definitely worth coming back for though, especially as I don’t know of too many Latin American restaurants specializing in home-style meals and plantains!

La Bella Managua on Urbanspoon


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