Moo Frites

Kevin, Jocelyn, Stella and I made it out to Kensington Market to give the increasingly popular Moo Frites (178 Baldwin Street) a try. Moo Frites serves up some crispy thick-cut Belgian fries in paper cones with over fifteen different types of dipping sauces. This small establishment also recently appeared on blogTO’s list of Best New Cheap Eats of 2014.



The place has got some nicely polished branding design happening in red, white, and black; and I love the cartoon cow that is its logo/mascot. Our group of four decided on sharing two cones of frites as appetizers for lunch afterwards. At 1:30pm on a Sunday afternoon, there were only a few other customers and the wait wasn’t long. The sauce was contained within the cone and we had tiny forks to eat with. The eating surfaces against the wall had cone-shaped holes to place the cones of fries in – awesome.

with andalouse sauce



All of the non-specialty frites come with your choice of one sauce. Additional dipping sauces are an extra fee. We decided on the traditional andalouse sauce which consists of mayo, tomato paste, and peppers. They have other traditional and some interesting non-traditional options as well. The fries were, as advertised, deliciously crispy and thick!

seaweed, sesame, jap and wasabi mayo



This is one of two kinds of specialty fries offered on the menu. Judging from social media and reviews, it definitely seems like their most popular item. I’m not even a super fan of wasabi, but I loved it! Creative and works well together, and would definitely again. Curious about those War Frites (peanut and frite sauce, chopped onions), too. For those wondering, there is a layer of seasonings and mayo midway through the cone so not everything is just on top!

Two cones of fries were perfect for our group of four. Anymore would have been overwhelming, and any less would have been lacking. We also tried some of the hot sauce they had on the counter – the cashier warned us to use micro amounts on the fries because it’s really, really spicy. It was definitely no joke – the hot sauce had such a strong bite to it, particularly in the aftertaste. Heed the cashier’s warning!

Moo Frites on Urbanspoon


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