The Dock Ellis

This past Saturday, we celebrated Simon’s birthday at The Dock Ellis (1280 Dundas Street West), a sports bar named after an American professional baseball player, as Wikipedia informs me, whose claim to fame was for allegedly pitching under the influence of drugs and advocating for the rights of players and African Americans. Simon picked the pub based on Yelp reviews. It’s far west in Toronto though easily accessible by public transportation. Joyce and I met at Dundas station and took the 505 streetcar west to Dovercourt Road, where we also ran into Byron before entering The Dock Ellis.

The pub front is small but actually spacious inside with a few foosball tables, pool tables, and darts. At 6:30pm on a Saturday, the place was only slowing starting to get busy. There would be a Raptors game later in the evening that made the bar pretty lively. Alongside some tall boys (a Steamwhistle for myself and a Side Launch Wheat for Joyce) and tequila shot, Joyce and I had a couple of food items to share:

preserves and butter



Yummy cornbread with butter! It was a little dry, but still good. The jalapeno had a light and interesting presence in the cornbread that I enjoyed. Neither of us were fans of whatever the preserves it came with were though.

chorizo or beans, cheese sauce, salsa, pickled jalapenos, crema
S $5 / L $10



Joyce and I opted for the chorizos instead of beans in this dish. The wonton nachos themselves were satisfyingly crispy and delicious, though the salsa and other toppings weren’t really anything special. Unavoidably, there were some pretty soggy parts to the nachos but overall the wonton-ness of the nachos were great.

russian, pickled cabbage, rosewood honey



We were told by our server that this was their most popular item on the menu, and it was great! All of the sandwiches here are served on OMG sesame milk buns and with bbq popcorn and a polski pickle. Super messy eat and so worth it! We just had a little more bun than chicken leftover though.

Our group occupied two tables and had a great time here! Good food, drinks, and chatter. The servers were also super friendly and helpful, and there was a lot of space to mingle.

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2 responses to “The Dock Ellis

  1. I love their chicken thigh sandwich, but I actually think I like the side popcorn more! Call me crazy, but it has a cool interesting flavour. I really like the vibe in this place, except for one thing….if you are actually trying to watch the game and it’s packed, it can be hard to see the TVs if you are sitting at a table (I mean it’s a sports bar after all!).

    • The side popcorn is good! Barbecue-ish with a little bit of spice? And I know what you mean, there were a lot of people standing in front of the tables to watch the game!

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