Cafe La Gaffe

A few of my girlfriends and I were interested in coming to Cafe La Gaffe (24 Baldwin Street) to try out their Winterlicious lunch menu on Saturday. I made the reservation online for noon and they called me the next day apologizing that they only did brunch and Winterlicious dinner on the weekends – no Winterlicious lunch would be available! They seemed really sweet and very apologetic about it that my group decided to keep the reservation anyway and do brunch.


My friends and I hadn’t seen each other in a while and were eager to catch up. Cafe La Gaffe is a cute little cafe located in a very quaint neighbourhood. I walked over from St. Patrick subway station. The place had such a lively and cozy atmosphere for brunch which made it perfect for our excited group of four. We pored over the menu and were impressed with how delicious everything on their menu sounded.


After much deliberation, each of us ended up deciding to get an item on the special menu. My choice was…

three scrambled eggs, sautéed smoked salmon, caramelized leeks, and emmenthal cheese on multigrain bread with homefries, salad, and fruits



Really happy with the portion and quality of this dish! Generous amount of smoked salmon in the open-faced sandwich, and it was all very filling and very appetizing. I could barely finish everything. I liked how complete the meal felt – it had a nice variety and was everything I needed for a brunch meal. The service was also incredibly friendly and helpful! It was clear they wanted us to be as comfortable and satisfied with our experience as possible.

Here are pictures of my friends’ meals, too!

I love brunch! It had been a while since I last went out brunch, but we had such a great meal and time that hopefully we get regular brunch outings going. There appear to be a nice concentration of places to check out in the Baldwin area alone, and we’ve got Mildred’s Temple Kitchen and Lamesa on our minds, too!

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