Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Ladies’ brunch this month was spent at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (85 Hanna Drive), a food sanctuary where gluttons may make a pilgrimmage to ‘worship flavour’. This casual dining restaurant is located in Liberty Village. I took the subway to St. Andrew station and the 504 streetcar west until Sudbury street to get here. The place isn’t immediately apparent so I spent a few minutes walking around the area looking for it.

Our party of six arrived at 11am (one hour after opening for Sunday brunch) and waited for an hour and a half to be seated. Yeahhh, we were pretty crazily committed to the pancakes Mildred’s is so well known for. Initially, we were told the wait was 45 minutes to one hour, but there ended up being some problems in the kitchen that delayed the wait even further. :( So huge lesson learned: since Mildred’s doesn’t take reservations for weekend brunch, must come here at 10am right at opening for weekend brunch!

The dining area of Mildred’s is incredibly spacious with large windows to make for some perfect natural lighting. Our server was friendly and apologetic about the long wait. Five of us ordered the blueberry buttermilk pancakes, which thankfully came out about five minutes after we placed our orders! These hangry diners were quickly appeased.

served with lanark county maple syrup & whipped cream

03 I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me: these are definitely the thickest, fluffiest pancakes I had ever experienced in real life. *_* They were every bit as delicious as they appear, with just enough whipped cream and blueberry for every bite. We also asked for more maple syrup which was given to us in shot glasses, haha. Game-changer. Truly a decadent, orgasnomic experience. I would get these to share with someone next time though – I couldn’t finish the last few bites and I didn’t eat again that day until well into the evening!


I had to include some more gratuitous pancakes shots, hehe. I also ordered some rosemary bacon on the side to share with my friends. We asked to get them crispy, and they were delicious. The rosemary herb had a definite influence in the flavour of the bacon which was deeply satisfying, too. I originally thought the $4.95 was way too steep for a few pieces of bacon, but there are actually quite a few strips and they’re all pretty long, so it’s not that unreasonable.

Despite an insanely long wait time that I still can’t believe we stayed for, I enjoyed my meal so much I’m not even that bitter about it. It certainly helped that I was with a bunch of my girlfriends I hadn’t seen in a while, and we were able to entertain ourselves a little during the wait by catching up with each other. Would I wait another hour and a half to be seated? Probably not, but I’d say it’s definitely worth getting here early for weekend brunch just for those immaculate pancakes and otherwise good service.

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