The Heart of Robin Hood

Last weekend, Kevin and I managed to get discounted tickets for The Heart of Robin Hood, ‘a classic tale gone rogue’ by the Royal Shakespeare Company. It’s currently playing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre (260 King Street) in the Financial District (but ends its run tomorrow on March 29th!).

This version of Robin Hood differs from the frolicking Disney fox and parodic Men in Tights movie versions that I’m more familiar with. Robin Hood here is a bit more of a hoodlum and Maid Marion (side note: the actress bears strikingly similar facial features to Emma Stone) is our initial heroine of the story. The play features some amazing acrobatics and fun swordfighting choreography, as well as some great improvisation from the actors. There are also a few nods to former well-known versions of the Robin Hood narrative.

They also made great use of a fairly small stage with the Sherwood Forest slide (can be seen in the trailer above). It looks like so much fun to go down~

What really made the show for me though, was the highly infectious music by Parsonsfield! Their song, “Weeds or Wildflowers” is particularly catchy and dancey and has been stuck in my head the past week. The music and merry singing and dancing really set the mood for the play, and was such a great time!

Kevin and I got the cheapest set of tickets available and were seated right at the front of the stage on the far left. We actually really liked being where we were and still had a great view of the whole stage. It definitely made some surprises coming up and down the stage more startling, haha. I had such a great time seeing (and dancing in my seat to) this musical-comedy-acrobatic-tale-on-stage!


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