Peter Pan Bistro

A long overdue post! Stella and I had dinner at Peter Pan Bistro (373 Queen Street West) on a rainy Thursday evening. The bistro had been closed for a while before re-opening with a new look and menu. It’s at an easily accessible location on the corner of Peter and Queen, and it had been on my ‘to-eat’ list for a while just because of its cute exterior and I would just walk by it every so often!

We booked a reservation at 6pm – right at opening time – and so the place was still fairly empty. The bistro is clean and comfortable with one of the quirkiest creative menus I’ve encountered in a while.


Stella and I decided to share one amuse, two starters, one main, and two desserts. It was quite the feast for two! Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that neither of us got cocktails but they sound pretty awesome! There was one called “Fables of the Green Forest” that featured absinthe and chlorophyll. o_o

Side note: the menu changes daily! So some of these tasty dishes might not be available or in season.




Stella wanted to come here solely for this dish, and I was easily won over by them! They were so goooood. It’s a pretty pricey $9 for three… but again, they were so goooood. The ketchup they had come with it was also really tasty.

parsley, shallot, caper


I feel like the name itself for this dish is pretty deceiving, but our server explained exactly what it would be like before we ordered it so we weren’t totally off guard (we were still a little off guard). It’s on a thin, crispy naan bread. I enjoyed this, but the bone marrow is really barely noticeable and all the other ingredients are the true centrality of this dish.

worcestershire caviar


Comfort food meets luxury in this open-faced grilled cheese sandwich with caviar spread. How mind blowing is that? Like with the bone marrow pizza, I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this, but I really enjoyed it!

yellow foot chanterelles, smoked onion broth, roquette


I liked how the flavours of this one came together, but it’s just such a tiny portion even as a starter. Perhaps one of the tamer options of our evening here, but still good.

braised brisket, rutabaga, swiss chard

08Stella and I had sweetbreads before at Bar Isabel but couldn’t really recall the taste, haha. Our server described it like liver but less sharp and meatier, and it’s an apt description for it. Loved this – definitely my favourite dish along with the scotch quail eggs.



I wasn’t crazy about this – it was nice and sweet, but I thought it felt a little lacking until Stella pointed out it needed vanilla ice cream. Ahhh.



So much peanut-buttery-ness! I found the pastries hit-or-miss: I really enjoyed some which were moist and flavourful, but the cookies were too hard and tasteless to me.

All in all, while I was pretty lukewarm on the desserts, I felt our dinner, the service, and the atmosphere made for a great treat-yo’self experience! It was an enjoyable and delicious splurge.

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