I caught up with Mike, Joyce, and Daniel over a quick dinner during the week at Gyugyuya (177 Dundas Street West). Gyugyuya specializes in Japanese curry dishes with options for custom toppings (view menu here).

The restaurant is very clean and casual, and a lively bright yellow inside. At 6:30pm, there were barely any others there and it never got too full during our hour and a half stay.

chicken karage, curry with rice


Karage (or karaage) is fried chicken done Asian style. Ohh man, I was craving it. The chicken was hit and crispy and tasted great with the house made curry! Obviously the parts soaked in the curry for a while got soggy, but most of it still got that satisfying crispiness. The portion was a perfect amount; I was stuffed by the end of it. There was a good amount of curry and rice for me, too, though the veggie portion was pretty stale tasting. I didn’t think the price for this particular dish was outlandish, but it is on the higher side for what it is, and definitely so for other options on their menu.

Most of our orders came fairly quickly, though not at the same time – there was a particularly awkward long wait for one of my friend’s meal to arrive and I’m not sure why that happened. Other than that, though not particularly friendly, the service was efficient enough. I don’t think I’d particularly seek this place out, but it’s a good place to drop by if you’re craving a fairly simple meal with karage or Japanese curry.

Also, spork! :D


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