Scratch Kitchen

Time for a Sunday brunch! Kevin and I dined at Scratch Kitchen (3471 Yonge Street) located a 10-minute walk north from Lawrence station. Scratch Kitchen specializes in locally sourced ingredients to create its all-day breakfast dishes. I hadn’t heard of this place before coming here, but it definitely served up some of the most delicious brunch items I’ve ever had in Toronto.


The exterior of the restaurant is simple and unassuming. We popped by between 12 and 1, and the place was packed! Luckily, we only had to wait ten minutes to be seated at a table and we used that time to go over the menu outside. Since this place only uses locally grown products, the menu changes seasonally.

We were seated at a table and were hardly an inch away from the next table, so conversations were difficult. The place is fairly small and was super packed, and we really wanted to get some food, so we shrugged it off. After some time, we got waters and our orders were taken. I have to say, our servers were really nice and you could tell they were hustlin’, but it took such a long time to get our waters re-filled and for our food to come out. The kitchen and place in general are just so small considering the demand!

Anyway, we got our meals and all hangriness dissipated pretty quickly:

seven year white cheddar, in-house cured berkshire bacon, apple butter,
comes with home fries and salad



I got what might actually be the most immaculate grilled cheese experience I’ve had in my life so far. The cheddar-bacon-apple butter taste were just so strong and melded together so nicely. And what a great heaping of cheddar they lay on the bread! *_* I like my home fries a little crispier than these, but they were still hot and delicious.

aaa cab flat iron, two eggs any style, home fries, choice of bread

They actually got Kevin’s order wrong at first and gave him the BACON & EGGS (pictured above left). When we told the waitress, she apologized and brought out the steak that he ordered pretty quickly, and let him keep the bacon. Bacon is bacon so of course it’s amazing, but the bacon here was more than just ordinary-amazing bacon. It was next-level-amazing bacon. And the steak? Steak is steak so of course it’s also amazing. but again, this was next-level-amazing steak. We noticed that our server hadn’t asked for how Kevin wanted the steak, and it just came out from the kitchen perfectly made (in our opinion). I have to amend my previous statement: Steak is steak so of course it’s amazing, but not when overcooked. And this was done just right!

I’m reluctant to say I’d come back here just because it’s a long wait to get your meal, but this food… it was pretty much amazing. I like that Scratch Kitchen makes it its mandate to support local produce and create fantastic meals out of them. It’s small and cramped and the kitchen/wait staff are probably overworked though, so just make sure you’re not already starving while you wait for your meal to arrive.

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