25 for 25

“Tell me,
what is it that you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”
– Mary Oliver

25for25I’m twenty five! To celebrate, I’m starting a pet project of twenty five things to do while I’m twenty five. My list of items range from ordinary things to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and hopefully I’ll be able to cross off each and every one of them by this time next year! :)


Start Date: 01 October 2013
End Date: 30 September 2014

01. Get a Master’s degree.
02. Have no student debt.
03. Learn to ski or snowboard.
04. Run a half-marathon.
05. Skydive.

06. Re-decorate my room.
07. Ride a Segway.
08. Go rock climbing.
09. Take a dance/fitness class.
10. Volunteer at an event, festival, or organization.

11. Attend Nuit Blanche.
12. Attend a TED talk.
13. Attend a musical or concert.
14. Tour the city on a Bixi bike.
15. Visit another city in North America.

16. Eat a beavertail.
17. Eat at The Black Hoof.
18. Try a cuisine I’ve never tried before.
19. Eat at a gourmet chocolate fondue place.
20. Cook or bake something my family will actually eat.

21. Watch Breaking Bad.
22. Make a loan through Kiva.
23. Finish my scrapbook of my first year in South Korea.
24. Leave inspirational messages or quotes on sticky notes in public bathrooms, books, or places.
25. Take a picture of all of the above.

6 responses to “25 for 25

  1. Yay! Your list is up! Hope I can join you in some of these activities! :D Happy Birthday, Holly! I am re-learning how to bike so that we can go on a bixi tour of Toronto! Love ya!

  2. Yum! Black Hoof!!! I can’t wait to see you accomplish your list in a year’s time, Holly! I know you can do it! What a great blog entry it will be!!! :D

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